The Tip of the Tongue

There are words on the tip of my tongue

That long to be said, long to be told, longed to be expressed

I just don’t know how to say them.


There is a notion that sits at the back of my mind

That keeps me awake, keeps me dreaming, keeps me creative

Though I try, I can’t understand it.


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A Beginning




This will be my second attempt at the world of blogging. I hope to post at least twice a week, but will see.

The words will fall in many different formats: poems, short stories, essays, etc. I hope you enjoy. I hope you are inspired. I hope you find that words have power, because after all, it all began with a Word.

So as you read my thoughts, both sweet and bitter, I hope you are inspired to pick up your pen, pencil, typewriter, or computer and may your words too, fall like rain.