The Deep: In 150 Words

     My next writing sample is what I like to call “In a 150 Words”. It is basically expressing an idea, or thought, in exactly 150 words, no more or less. Sounds simple enough, until you try it. All of the “150” words that I have written have to do with my experiences with God. How I have encountered Him in seemingly unlikely places. 

     I am also interested in hearing your on experiences with God, in of course 150 words. If you send them to me, I would love to post them on my blog. I already have 2 that my friends have given me that I will be posting at a later time.  I think it would cool to compile all of these “150” words into a e-book, or perhaps even a regular book called ” 150 People in a 150 Words”, but of course I need 150 people to submit something in order to use this title, and you have to admit, its a really great title. So get to writing people.  

     I have written a number of these “150” words, so in the future if you see the “title/15o”. Well it’s self-explanatory. 



All asleep on the road except for me and the sun. She and I were racing for ground, and I was steadily losing to the day. The world was in that lonely time between night and the new days dawn.

100 Portraits were jamming rhythmic worship of unashamed love and the need to dance from my car speakers. I was happily singing along and enjoying the perfect shade of “early morning blue”, when the Deep entered my car.

The Deep, the fathomless depths of God, came pouring in. The depths of my being reacted with such fury, to be one again with its creator that the pain of its longing brought tears to my eyes. Longing, the depths of man and God. God in need of nothing, longing to be with man. Man in need of everything, unknowingly longing for God.

I sang! I wept! I loved and was Loved!