Kavi Stories

Kavi, in Sanscrit, simply means a poet or sage. I’m not saying I read Sanscrit or anything like that. I just happened upon this word and liked the sound of it. I felt better about calling myself Kavi than a poet, because calling yourself a poet, in most circles, is like giving people free reign to make as much fun as possible. Regardless of the fact, that David was a poet, as well as a warrior. 

In the coming months, I am going to try my hand a storytelling. It will be mostly short stories I have written, or fables that I have adapted for a more modern audience. I will be trying these stories out on some of my students at school, while I am teaching them about the process of writing and what makes a good story. I’ll try to include some of the feedback I receive from the students to give you a laugh. Did I mention I teach 7th and 8th grade Language Arts. Yeah, enough said. 

I hope to record some of these stories and add a video section to my blog, as soon as I find some extra time. 

The following exert is an introduction to Kavi Stories. I like to think of Kavi, not just as a title but as a character I will play. Someone with a bit more gusto and a zeal for life than the average Joe. Someone that makes stories come alive and dance in our imaginations. Kavi is a character much like Puck from A Midsummer’s Night Dream. 

This is just an introduction and not a story itself. Think of it as a opening number with more to follow.



     There are places you should not go, and would not know but I will take you. There are people you should not meet, you should not greet, but I will introduce you.

These will be the stories of miracles, and there will be a miracle for every shade of color the sky has ever had, and we will see them all, both great and small. So come with me and I will take you.

This will be a great day! Truly, a great day!

Will let the wind bite our faces, and the sun blind our eyes. We will run even faster, with arms stretched a’ wide. I will teach you to laugh like the Thunder, and shed tears like the rain.

We will love like the Sun shines, and break like oceans waves.

We will pit ourselves against lions, and champion a bear. Out fly the eagle, and out run the gazelle.

We will pour ourselves like water to a dry and thirsty ground. I will teach the whisper, small voice, the I am.

We will test our fragile hearts with heavy things, and look for cracks along the seems. We will not fear the breaking, and the dark night of its taking, and though it may take along time to get back to sunrise our hearts will not tremble or break. No matter how long it takes. We are warriors.

So Burn! Burn! Burn! Like sparkling showers in a mid summer night sky, and hear the oohs, and ahhs that erupt from a far. Oh what fools we mortals be, to be content to watch one who is alive! Alive! And we ourselves dare not to breathe, dare not to dream. Oh but take up that cup, partake that drink, for life is yours for the taking.

When I am through, it’s back to just me and just you. While the colors are fading, and our memory begins its erasing. Let us hope that we hold on to joys, more than the fears, to the laughs as much as the tears. Until we meet again.

Be patient, oh, the hardest of words!

The stories are coming!