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I’ll Have Another: Part 2

Here again, are situations that I have found myself thinking things like:

I really would like to do that over.

Did that just happen?

I wish I could repeat that experience.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

Thank you God.

That was amazing!

We all have experiences we want to do over, or we want to repeat. Good, bad, sad, happy, “I’ll Have Another” pays homage to the human experience. I hope you drink long and drink deep the life that was given you. I’ll have another.


I’ll Have Another

I’ll have another.









Another question,

Answered for the 50th time

I can’t stand those who ask questions before the explanation

is finished.

Who knows you may hear the answer.


Another smell,

I’m reminded of something lost

But for the life of me I can’t remember what it is 

There it is. No it’s gone again.


Another turn,

Clockwise goes the doorknob

Same closet, same clothes. Why can’t I step out into Narnia?

My heart longs for adventure!


Another stormy sky

Thunderstorms are my glory

They teach me rage, and the fear of God

Fear is not always a bad thing.


Another mistake

It would seem I’m a collector

I like my mistakes smooth and rich, with just a hint of

the bitter

The longer they age the better


Another rule

My first thought is how to break it

My second is breaking it and hating myself for it

And third staring sleeplessly at the ceiling at 3 a.m.


Another test

I hope they use a curve

The top of that bell is the place to be, not bad or good enough

to be despised

To far left or right will get you beat up.


Another dollar

To help sedate anxious thoughts

My money buys me security, great big walls with barbed wire on

the top.

A personal Jericho with harlot spies.


Another page

Ink scratches screaming their meaning

Another world is built and torn down with the turning of a page

Imaginations breathing life to words


Another smile

As big as the morning

It breaks on her face 

And like the sun lights my world. 


I’ll have another.

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