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Ode to You: Wherever You May Fall

An Ode is a lyric poem that is used to address a particular subject. In the past, this type of poem was usually sung, but I’ve never tried to sing this poem so Im not sure if works. 

     In my poem “Ode to You: Wherever You May Fall”, I have tried to capture life and the people who live it. Life weather we like it or not has it’s goods and bads. Sometimes we are the reasons for the good things and sometimes, the reasons for the bad. The title may seem a little misleading. I am not referring to a “fall” as to the ground, or from a “fall from grace” or anything. Just simple the line of the poem that you most identify with is where you “fall.”

     I wrote this poem almost as if I were giving a “toast” at a wedding, or some meeting. As you read this poem it might be fun to pour yourself a glass of champagne (apple juice if your not of age), hold the glass in the air and then read the poem aloud. Try it and let me know how it turns out.  


Ode to You: Wherever You May Fall


To the lonely hearts in the crowded rooms

To the broken dreams that broke too soon

To the little ones, who grow too fast

To the old men in bars, who live in the past

To star struck lovers, whom the world hates.

To broken fisted brothers who can’t control their hands

To mute mothers, in their silent tears

To grim faced fathers, holing fast nights fears

To grinning fools, in their slipping nooses

To the wise man’s feet and the path he chooses

To kisses that tingle from head to toe

And leave both culprits caught in a glow

To the morning sun that fills with envy


To shine even brighter the love that is in me

To the teller of stories and the stories he tells

To the gypsy queen’s dances and in the freedom it dwells

To laughter alit by fire of a friend

To the answers waiting, just around the bend

To giving and loving and singing out loud

To dancing with my love, all alone in a crowd

To the wounded soldier, and the soldiers he wounds

To the burned out pastor, who berates a late groom

To grace born, through loves last breath

To the spark of hope in the darkest of depths

To the heavens and stars that light a night sky

And carry you to places never seen by mans eye

To the wind that howls, and chaps the cheek,

tears the eye and gives wing to feet

To the whisper of glory form cancers deathbed

To the few gone before, shinning like stars on our heads

To the sparkle in the eye of those lost in thought

To brave new worlds an author has wrought

To the whispers on mountains and the crashes on seas

To the trickle of laughter that’s found in a spring

To the sweetest calm, and most violent storm

To the smell of roses, on a summer morn

To the silence… oh, the silence that speaks

To the burned out, torn out, sold out, loved out,

To the smallest of gestures, unseen by man’s eye

To leaving of this world, and to saying goodbye


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