The Tip of the Tongue

There are words on the tip of my tongue

That long to be said, long to be told, longed to be expressed

I just don’t know how to say them.


There is a notion that sits at the back of my mind

That keeps me awake, keeps me dreaming, keeps me creative

Though I try, I can’t understand it.


There is a song that is sung in the Deep

That teaches me sorrow, teaches me joy, teaches me life

I can now sing a few phrases.


There’s a thought that something isn’t right

With the world, with our selfish love, with our sight

But do I have the tools to fix it?


There is an idea of a different world

I see it on the horizon, in laughter, and in love

I long for this idea.


There are moments when everything feels right

You can hear it in the laughter, see it in smiles, feel it in the air

Why are the moments so few and far between?


There are places that feel home

It’s in the smell, or in the feel, or maybe just the lighting

Home is forever You, that’s the one and only thing I truly know.


There is a forgiveness that I cannot fathom

It offers everything, shuns nothing, begs your acceptance

And this is the way of the fathomless Deep.


There are nights I long for the morning

The first bright beams,  hope that’s awakened,  the joy that cometh

Light will always conquer the dark.


There is a love that fills the spaces

The cracks, the nooks, the hidden child

Nothing is ever quite the same.


Words never seem to give justice

A notion only a hint

Songs are meant for the dancing

Thoughts are to help us think

Ideas are for inventors

Moments to teach us time

Places are the fixed points

Forgiveness, oxygen for the drowning

Love is all

Your on the tip of my tongue by SCdesigns



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