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I’ll Have Another

“I’ll Have Another” is a series of writings using a type of poetic form. I’m not sure it ascribes to any particular poetic formula, but they definetly have a rythym to them.

“I’ll Have Another”  is basically meant to be my thoughts on life.  Sometimes good, sometimes not, but either way “I’ll have another”. Another day. Another moment. Another sunrise. Another whatever. To me, life is a series of events that move us towards God. We can take these events and learn, or not. Move forward or try our hardest to stay the same. But the ketch is with ever moment we are changing, moving;  in one direction or another, weather we choose to move or not.

I hope you enjoy these. I will be adding to these, over time, because with new experiences come new words to tell. I will simple call this one “I’ll Have Another: Part 1” and continue on with “part 2”, and so on, as the words come.


I’ll Have Another: Part 1


Another day,

Waking to uncertainty

Walking in hopes that I’m going the right way.

Just walking







Another moment,

Brushing my teeth in habit

Memorizing the shade of color under my already tired eyes

I’ll call this shade “purple mornings”


Another observation,

In front of the mirror

Practicing my cheap smiles that I can afford to give strangers

We are in a recession, ya know. 






Another memory,

It’s a good one

My baby laughed and said “Da” and it coursed through my veins

The best things are free


Another thought,

She’s pretty in any weather

Especially cloudless nights, all shooting stars and soft glows

I think I could get lost, and wouldn’t mind it. 


Another fight,

I’ve lost count 

It’s not right to have to lose more times than you win. Is it?

Is it?





Another Choice,

The rode less traveled

That poem just made me feel lonely, I don’t want to walk alone.

Alone is never good no matter the destination


Another Sunrise

It’s golden

I take hope in its light

God I’m thankful for the mornings


Another drink

To be brave

Or maybe the brave thing would be, to not have another

I really want to be brave

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Another tear

To chase its brothers

Tears are like potato chips, you can never have just one

Is it true you collect them?


Another goodbye

Like sunsets, they happen

Sometimes their beautiful and just a little sad

Others just leave a hole.

I’ll have another   












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